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sniffing mats

Product Description:Sniffing Mat for Dogs.

The sniffing mat for dogs is an innovative and interactive toy designed to stimulate your dog's natural sniffing instincts. Made of durable and safe materials, this mat provides a fun and challenging way for your dog to find his food or treats, contributing to mental stimulation and reducing boredom.


Material: Made of high quality, non-toxic materials, safe for pets.
Design: Colorful and attractive, with multiple layers and pockets in which to hide treats and food.
Ease of use: Easy to spread on the floor and fill with treats.
Cleaning: Easy to clean, often machine washable.

Mental Stimulation: Helps reduce boredom and destructive behavior by providing mental challenges.
Scenting Ability: Stimulates your dog's natural sniffing and hunting instincts.
Interactive Play: Strengthens the bond between you and your dog through interactive play.
Suitable for All Dogs: Ideal for dogs of all ages and breeds.
Directions for use:

Hide treats or dry food in the different compartments of the mat.
Encourage your dog to search for and find the treats.
Supervise during play to ensure safety.
The sniffing mat is not only a fun addition to your dog's playtime, but also contributes to his overall well-being by promoting mental stimulation and physical activity.

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