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About us

Belcopets was founded by Francis and Noémie. Besides their love for each other, they share a great love for animals.

Francis has been breeding German Pointed Dogs for decades. As a breeder, he has seen a lot of puppies being born and leaving. Unfortunately, Francis has also experienced the downside of breeding and has lost several dogs, often to tumors, but also to gastrointestinal problems. One of their dogs even ate the lime off their walls. For them it was a big question as to where all this could have come from. Unfortunately, you can't give a specific cause to the disease. Nevertheless, Francis and Noémie went looking to rule out all possible causes. 
One of the things turned out to be the food, especially the preservatives in that food. It has already been proven that BHA¹, BHT² and EQ³ in kibble have a negative reinforcing effect on each other and this can even lead to the development of certain tumors and side effects in dogs and/or cats. Not only the chemical antioxidants are responsible, but also the pedigree (genetically determined) and geographical location play a role here.

To exclude these side effects as much as possible in their dear four-legged friends and to be able to share a long life with them, Noémie and Francis decided, in collaboration with renowned nutritionists, to make their own pet food. Without all those chemicals and with 100% natural ingredients. Othon&Friends was born, their own brand of pet food.

With this they guard not only the health of their own dogs, but also that of your favorite pet.


1: Source BHA
2: Source BHT
3: Source Ethoxyquin

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